Amazon allows buyers to opt-out of receiving non-critical messages from sellers.

This help file will give you all the information on how FedbackExpress handles these opt-outs.

Before you start

Important Information
  • You will not be penalized for sending unsolicited messages to buyers who opted out of receiving unsolicited messages.*
  • Buyers can't opt-out of messages pertaining to Handmade or Custom orders.*
  • It is still against Amazon's terms and conditions to incentivize reviews**
*Amazon Seller Central Buyer-Seller Messages FAQ
**Amazon Seller Central Activity and Action Guidelines

01 Non-Critical Messages

When we initiate communications to a customer that has opted out of receiving messages, you will receive a bounced email from Amazon.

These bounced messages are usually triggered by  messages that are categorized by Amazon as non-critical:

  • Requests for seller feedback or customer reviews

  • Order, shipment, or delivery confirmation

  • Proactive customer service eg. product manuals, tips for using the product, FAQs

  • Out-of-stock, or delay notifications

  • Offers for alternate products

02 Managing bounce back emails

To ensure you no longer solicit these customers you will need to automatically forward these bounce back messages into FedbackExpress.

First, find your bounce-back email address. This email address is unique for each Amazon channel and must be set up separately for each marketplace. 

Go to Settings → Mailbox Settings → Channels → select the channel
  1. In the Feedback tab, copy the Bounce-back email address.
  2. Now add this address in your Seller Central settings.
    Go to Seller Central → Settings → Notification Preferences → Messaging → Edit
  3. Add the copied bounce-back email address
All opt-out messages will now be forwarded to FedbackExpress and the buyer will be blocked from all future solicitations. Any Feedback messages you send that receive a bounce-back will be excluded from your Feedback quota.

03 Opportunity

With some buyers criticizing the solicitation of feedback and often leaving negative feedback as a result, the opt-out policy ensures that you will only request feedback from buyers who are likely to leave feedback.

The bulk of buyers enjoy follow-ups on their orders and appreciate seller engagement whilst sellers can still offer customer engagement with our tool to guide your buyers into the best customer experience.