Start automating your customer feedback and review requests with FeedbackExpress will help you save hours of work each week, improve your ratings and increase your sales.

Get set up for success and ready to boost your metrics with this simple 3-step FeedbackExpress setup guide.

Before you start

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01 Get Connected

The beauty of using FeedbackExpress is that it connects with all the marketplaces and webstores you sell and support, so you can quickly get all your customer data to hand, and auto-populate it in messages to reply faster.

When you're ready to connect a channel, click on the Settings → Channels → Add Channel. Just click on the channel you want to connect to and follow the instructions.

You can find more detailed instructions in the channel-specific guides below:

Note: If you need any help while connecting, contact our Support Team for assistance.

02 Create a Feedback Rule

Now that you added your channel, you will be able to create your first Rule. A Feedback Rule will determine the message you want to send to your buyers and also specify conditions to target certain orders or to send requests at certain times.

When you're ready to set up your first Rule, click on Feedback → Feedback Rules → + Add Feedback Rule.

You will be prompted to select whether to create a blank Rule (a Rule from scratch) or use the Default Rule, which we’ve created to help you get started quickly. If you’re an Amazon seller and wish to create your own Rule, please ensure that it complies with Amazon’s latest Buyer Seller policy. For help understanding the policy, read our guide here.To find out more detailed instructions about creating a Feedback Rule, click here.

03 Send Emails to your Buyers

Now that you connected a channel and set up a Feedback Rule, emails will start sending to your buyers. In order to help you understand exactly how FeedbackExpress works, we have explained the basic logic of requesting feedback from buyers: 
  1. You create a Feedback Rule, specifying conditions to target certain orders and to send requests at certain times.
  2. Inside each Rule, you create messages. These are the messages that the Buyer will receive. Each message can also have a set of conditions to target the right buyers and orders. 
  3. Buyer places an order which is received in FeedbackExpress and placed in the Feedback queue.
  4. Each order is run through your Feedback Rules. Once it matches the Rule and message conditions, the messages will be Scheduled to Send.
  5. At the scheduled time, the order will once more run through the conditions to ensure it still fits the criteria. If not (for example, there may be an order that has been cancelled), it will move to No Rule Matched and no message will be sent.
  6. If the order matches the conditions, it will then send to your buyer and will be displayed in the Sent section.
Note: Each order can only match one rule and the buyer will receive all messages created inside that Rule.

And that's it!